Mcheze Promotion Code is one of the emerging online sports betting sites in Tanzania and offers a substantial bet-market.


This is one of the better run operators in the Tanzanian betting market but offers of a free bet, and a welcome bonus are not available at this time.

They were always part of the mcheza stable and may soon be back. At the moment there is only a cash boost promo with punters standing a chance of winning up to 50% of their original winnings on a multi-bet.

The growth in online sports betting in Tanzania is spreading and is chasing down a host of operators all looking to slice up the Tanzanian market.

How to play

The Mpesa pay bill number is prominent (356688) while the mobile transfer options include tigopesa and Vodacom.

The site also offers SMS betting, with punters needing to punch in Piga *150*00# to place a wager through Vodacom and *150*01# via tigopesa.